Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Condom Debacle

April 8, 2009

That’s all I can say- there was a condom debacle. I can’t tell you what happened. One day it will be funny when I say ‘the kid ate the banana’. But today I felt defeated. As Grade 7 stood there in silence, I stood there with my head down thinking, ‘You need more help than I can give you.’ Every one of the kids is a special needs leaner. Each of them needs their hand held more often than I can hold it. I feel ill-equipped.
For the moment, I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

It's A Dance Off

April 7, 2009

A teacher was working on his car and blasting music in the yard after study. We went outside to listen. Then more children came. And more...every grade and age. An impromptu dance contest- I love it.

Well Paint Me Orange and Give Me Sour Milk

I do so little to please my mother (she my host mom, how did she guilt me in to this?)I decided that I must do this.
She got a "traditional" Hereo dress and put me in it. 5 petticoats! And a cow hat on top.
There are pictures. She is going to print one and send it to the States with me as a gift to my family.
(Picture will be posted when I get to America!!! Soon)
April 1, 2009

As I stood with the school’s secretary and waited for the learners to line up after break, I couldn’t help but remark that ‘I hate this place and I look forward to the day it is no longer my life’.
She replied, ‘You have only 8 months then you will go. What about us? I want to leave this place too.’
‘You can come with me to America.’
‘Oh I want to. I would just tell my husband that I am leaving.’
We laughed. Of course she wouldn’t do that.
‘I know Hereros are my people but they are not nice.’

It continues to be confirmed that it is not just me. It’s not just foreigners either. I love this woman, she made my day. Somebody buy this woman a ticket! (I'm a volunteer and have no money.)

Is That Traditional?

March 30, 2009

Today is Monday. The Principal was absent from school. He bought a new car last weekend and had to have a ‘traditional car-welcoming’ ceremony. And he had to have it on a school day. Sounds like a personal affair to me.
At sunrise a sheep was slaughtered, the entrails were removed and sprinkled over the car. The grandfather lit the “holy fire” which connects them to their ancestors. To the holy fire the grandfather spoke words of safety and prosperity over the son and his car. Then they ate the sheep and had tea. Everything is sealed by the eating of meat.

I could see from the other teacher's face that this was serious business so I tried not to laugh. Are they for real?

Ready For A New Life

March 30, 2009

C: I am so ready for this not to be my life anymore. These’ll probably be 2 of the longest weeks until town EVER.

B: Word. Today itself feels like an eternity.
2 things today: 1) that Walton’s pencil sharpener really does rock! 2) one of my grade 6 had donkey meat in her backpack.

C: LOL! Only in Nam. Thanks for the laugh. Speaking of donkeys, there’s a possibility of a ride this weekend…and more laughs. Glad the sharpener’s working out.

B: Too funny. I’ll bring my camera in that case. I never thought I’d utter the words ‘it’s okay to have donkey meat in your backpack. You just can’t eat it in class’!

C: That may be the funniest thing…wait I should read your other funniest text to give myself a little laughter…that is quite a sentence to utter. TIML…but only for 8 more months.

B: Life is never dull here. Yes, it’s almost April, my friend! And yet The End still feels far.

C: You’d think village life would be dull- that’s why we brought all the books and dvds, not knowing we’d cling to them to feel normal. It is practically April and while the end seems far, God speed us to the break!

B: Oh man, it’s so true about the books and dvds. Town then holiday. Town then holiday.

C: Shoot, as soon as we get to town for the 4 day weekend (and Jack…Bauer, not Daniels) it’ll be exams and then slide right into much needed and deserved vacay.

B: ;)


March 29, 2009

B: Hellooo, how was the weekend? At what point does it become a problem that my most frequent thought is ‘I hate me life’? :)

C: Hi, hi, weekend was relaxing. Reading ‘Shakespeare Secret’ again. I realized I have a brown thumb- my garden is a bust! Hey you are not having murderous thoughts about the kids so that’s good. Uhm beyond that I think it’s time to change location…and probably careers. Let’s go now now.

B: End of text missing but glad you had a good weekend. I’m sorry about your garden, it’s the Nam soil I’m sure.

C: I’ll re-send. Oh I wish it was the Nam soil, it is usually Nam’s fault but I did kill the basil…a hearty plant according to Amanda.

B: Just got the rest of your text. Lol, let’s go!

C: Let’s go to… Tanzania. We can work on one of those farms and hang out with my friend’s family.

B: Sold!